Get comfy, grab a cup of something delightful, and let's get started! Here are some heads-up before the ride:
🪐 Colors shine best on pre-lightened hair. Don’t mix this with developers, lighteners, or any permanent hair colorants.
🪐 Let’s keep it clean and semi, as it was born to take care of your hair health. Discover the unique strengths of Kaleidos Semi-Permanent Hair Color here.
🪐 Be careful and do not turn your face into a canvas. Keep it away from your eyes. For extra safety, avoid lash or brow adventures.
🪐 Keep in mind that results may vary based on your hair’s starting base and its condition, and how carefully you follow Kaleidos Hair Coloring 101

Now let’s jump into the fun part!
1. PREP: Slip into your gloves and gather your tools: a brush, clips, and a bowl. Cover up! We want color on your hair, not on your skin or your favorite shirt.
2. MIX: Pour your chosen color into a bowl. Feeling pastel vibes? Add our Pastel Mixer for your desired shade. Give it a good swirl.
3. PAINT: Section your hair into zones. A dual-sided brush is the gem for precisely sectioning hair. Skip the waterworks! This product spreads easily on dry hair. Apply color and feel the artist inside you as you spread and saturate the strands.
4. SIT, RINSE, AND SHINE: Let your hair meditate with the color for at least 40 minutes. Chill for as long as you like if you're aiming for a more intense vibrancy. When it's time, rinse it out with lukewarm water. Shampoo and/or conditioner is optional based on individual preferences. Remember, hot water will reduce the longevity of the color. Make sure to blow-dry promptly to avoid staining your clothes or other surfaces. 
Feel your best with this new color and take it on fun adventures! The color lasts 10-20 washes and fades gracefully on tone. Tag us @kaleidosmakeup on Instagram or TikTok to share your questions and ideas. We're excited to see your style!

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