The Brand

Kaleidos comes from kaleidoscope. To us, the colorful, moving mosaic formed by a kaleidoscope is the perfect analogy for the constant evolution of beauty. Without diversity and progression, there would be no beauty, and without the courage to be an individual, there would be no diversity and progression.

Our DNA:

Individuality: Our motto is “no authority”. We believe in never feeling limited by others’ ideas of how to live. Following your own instincts is empowering; that’s why we urge you to take time to discover and embrace your own individual style.

Authenticity: We also believe in honesty; we encourage only true self-expression and never imitation. We hold ourselves to this same standard and are committed to being entirely transparent with our consumers. With that said, we never settle for anything less than the best when developing our products. Rather than convince you how great they are, we prefer to let them speak for themselves.

Eccentricity: We want to inspire people to go outside the box and appreciate infinite forms of beauty. At our core, we strive to always be open-minded and highly imaginative. This enables us to be constantly innovative and free to explore vibrant, unconventional possibilities in all we do.