Welcome to Kaleidos

Kaleidos comes from kaleidoscope. To us, the colorful, moving mosaic formed by a kaleidoscope is the perfect analogy for the constant evolution of beauty. Without diversity and progression, there would be no beauty, and without the courage to be an individual, there would be no diversity and progression. 

Based in Shanghai, we are a team of diverse, self-expressive, global citizens. We believe in the capacity for personal empowerment through makeup. We are one of the first makeup companies to be entirely cross-border in vision and identities. This is what makes Kaleidos unique, and has influenced its founders to look far beyond their own homes for inspiration. 

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Your energy

  • Entrepreneurial: you respect the opportunity, never shy from taking initiatives and have the "get the job done" energy
  • Solid and chill: you hold your ground professionally, but you execute it with team spirit and higher purpose of what you do. You thrive in ambiguity and are ready to find common grounds in a chill way
  • Curious: you embrace changes, flexible in exploring something you don't already know with a growth mindset 
  • Inclusive and supportive: you listen, give and receive feedbacks with respect, and strive to build a psychologically safe community you and your peers love working in 
  • Authentic: You are unapologetically you. You walk the talk, live your look confidently and communicate with transparency. Your authenticity is an integral piece of what defines Kaleidos  
  • Fun and self-love: you have a sense of lightness in work and in life. You take good care of yourself because how you love yourself is how you tell others to love you

    Featured Positions: