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The Flower Punk Full Set (Without Dresser)

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Includes EVERYTHING in the Flower Punk Collection EXCEPT the Dresser:

  • The Flower Punk palette
  • Cloud Lab Lip Clay: Flora Noir and Sand Castle
  • The Agave Softening Lip Mask
  • The Flower Punk Coloring Book 
  • The Flower Punk Temporary Tattoos 


The Flower Punk Palette:
A radically verdant vision of lush golden greens and soft, earthy tones. Brimming with brilliant duochromes and soothing, natural mattes, this 9-shade palette is a color atlas for navigating a wild new makeup paradigm. Defy dreariness with sunny green graffiti and color-in a luscious, lively path of your own. To dream up a vibrant future, this palette is the essential tool for the modern flower punk.

Cloud Lab Lip Clay: Flora Noir
A garden of four grungy lip clays for adding a rich, powerful punch to your look. This vault includes one bright fuchsia, one navy teal, one soft mahogany, and one cool maroon. Sharpen your senses and suit up for adventure with this wild assortment of bold and highly saturated lip clays.

Cloud Lab Lip Clay: Sand Castle 
A kingdom of four earthy, natural lip clays for adding a subtle but striking touch to your look. This vault includes one sandstone, one dusty rose, one terracotta shade, and one chestnut brown. Take a stroll through this clay palace and luxuriate in the airy textures and muted, down-to-earth shades.

Blue Agave Softening Lip Mask: 
A highly moisturizing lip mask formulated with Shea Butter and Agave Leaf Extract.

The Flower Punk Temporary Tattoos:
A set of 10+ Flower Punk themed temporary tattoos.

The Flower Punk Coloring Book:
The essential handbook of the modern flower punk. Color-in your own vision for a brighter world of makeup.

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