Hey there! Ready to play with color and elevate your DIY coloring routine? We're going to spill the tea on everything you need to know before your hair transformation.
Choose Your Color
At Kaleidos Hair, we tailor stunning color to empower expression. Whether you're seeking a hue that speaks volumes about your unique style, or eager to craft your own signature shade, our spectrum of shades ensures that you'll find the perfect match. It's all about choosing the color that truly celebrates YOU.
Load the Right Amount
Determining the correct amount of product depends on various factors such as hair length, texture, density, porosity, and curl pattern. Longer and thicker hair typically requires more product to achieve complete coverage. It's essential to purchase enough product to avoid running out mid-application. You can store the unused product for future touch-ups or for custom color blending. Please refer to the picture below for recommended dosage.
Prepare Your Hair Tools
For a seamless coloring experience, you'll need essential tools like a hair color brush, color mixing bowl, hair clips for sectioning, and protective cape and gloves to prevent stains. Kaleidos offers pro-level and reusable tools to elevate your DIY game.
  • Essential Dual-Sided Hair Color Brush🪄: This versatile brush features a tapered tip for precise sectioning, a comb for detangling, and a densely-packed brush for smooth color application.
  • Essential Kreator Hair Color Bowl🎨: Featuring a spacious design, this bowl allows you to mix, blend, and customize color effortlessly.
  • Essential Gator Clips💫: With a sleek, dura-spring design in our classic deep-gradient purple, the clips securely hold hair and prevent any slipping during the coloring process.
  • Kreator Painting Hair Color Brush 🪄: Catering to every detail of the coloring process, this lightweight flat brush evenly distributes product for efficient coverage and salon-worthy results.
Our Essential Hair Color Toolkit, including Dual-Sided Hair Color Brush, Kreator Hair Color Bowl, and Gator Clips, is a must-have starter kit for DIY coloring lovers 💖
Feel free to head over to our Hair FAQ page for more helpful tips. For a step-by-step guide, check out our Hair Coloring 101. Splash that color and have some fun! 
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